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Dear Companies,

On the 22 December 2017 we applied for our Section 18A tax exemption certificate, we were approved and granted our certificate PBO NO: 930060076 our NPO NO: 174-118NPO

Our Mission

Founder Lexi Austen and her husband Ronnie Austen have always had special interests in animals and animal welfare. Having been informally involved in rescue and rehabilitation for years, it seemed only natural to open their own organisation. A small team of passionate and skilled individuals are involved in the running of the foundation, ensuring that the foundation’s needs are met.

Registered in August 2016 with the South African Department of Social Development, the organisation has been feeding as well as running a catch and spay programs for several feral cat colonies in the Northern Suburbs (an on-going cause), the foundation has re-homed dogs, rescued several dogs and cats as well as assisted with medical treatments for birds, goats, horses, cows, Lions, Tigers and Wolves, we also help the less fortunate community members by feeding and clothing them. We wish to do so much more once funding is available. Our most well known cause is the rescuing of Canadian Timber Wolves. Read our Press Release.

However, the foundation does not just focus on animals. The beauty of AHF is that we consider all causes. Whether it is a human, animal or even a reptile, if it has a heart, AHF is there. Our most expensive and most popular cause is our rescued pack of Canadian Timber Wolves. Imported some years back that ended up in a very compromising situation, we have been caring for the wolves for roughly two and a half years. Our Facebook posts on them have reached in excess of 40 000 people but funding is lacking immensely. Most people know AHF officially rescued a pack of 12 Canadian Timber wolves in 2016, we stepped in and looked after the pack in every way we could. The packed ended up being based in the Freestate due to them being sent their by their previous owners for housing. The family ended up in debt with the gentleman who was housing the wolves and legally signed the wolves over to the gentleman housing them. That’s when Lex Austen the founder of AHF made an offer to raise R50 000 to make a settlement on the wolves as their fate would of been a terrible one. The canned wolf trade does exist and a canned wolf can be sold for up to R25 000 a wolf. The gentleman housing the wolves gave Lex a very fair amount of time to raise the funds and for that she will forever be grateful.

On the 17th July 2017 AHF successfully relocated the pack to a predator zoo in Vaalwater this was a temporary solution as the distance and camp prevailed to be a long term issue, now the wolves have finally been relocated to Johannesburg and are in a beautiful camp but again temporarily, we are again searching for premises but this time premises of our own so we know longer conquer issues and we can open to the public to become self-sustainable as well as finally let our pack have a final and forever resting place, we need to stress that relocation is never cheap and we have done this twice in less than a year so we are neck deep in debts and still owe our vet money, we will have to do this again soon, we also need to raise funds for fencing so we have our work cut out for us.

Without funding it becomes extremely difficult. We have received our section 18A tax exception certificate from SARS which allows corporates to become donators. AHF is a non-profit organization who so desperately needs constant support and sponsorships. We need to maintain the wolf pack with food and vet care, their food alone costs no less than R8000 a month then we also need to be able to take on new causes and maintain our current ones e.g.: we run catch and spay programs for the feral cat communities as well as feed and care for many feral cats, dogs and any animal in need from domestic to wild. We help those in need and hope to one day better ours and others futures.

The foundation also needs to be able to purchase and afford a bakkie as currently Lex transports meat in a sedan and it prevails to be a huge and difficult task when loading meat and carcasses, the foundation really goes the extra mile to take care of those in need.

For AHF it’s been extremely important for us to get our section 18A certificate as we desperately need companies to be able to get on board and donate to the foundation, we are blessed that we have now received it as this will create so much more opportunity for the foundation as well as create awareness for us. We are struggling monthly, Lex has not been able to pull a salary in nearly two years and it takes major strain on her and her family. We all do what we do for the passion as the team at All Hearts Foundation Are the voice for the voiceless, we speak for those who can’t. The foundation has huge goals and visions, we want to make a difference in the world and we want to be able to take on and achieve more causes as well as to create employment one day too. We have so much to give with such very little help. 

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