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“A simple act of kindness and compassion towards a single animal may not mean anything to all creatures, but will mean everything to one.”

Sponsor one of our gorgeous animals for R300 – either once off or monthly. Your sponsorship will go towards their food, upkeep and vet bills. Your support is greatly needed during this difficult time!

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Meet The Faces of All Hearts Foundation

Storm – Canadian Timber Wolf

Male | 1 Year Old

Storm’s best friend is his beautiful sister Aiya. He is a young, juvenile male who is growing up to be a beautiful carefree wolf.

Aiya – Canadian Timber Wolf


Aiya is sister to our one year old Canadian Timber Wolf – Storm. This magical girl is such a clown – that is the best way to describe her. So loving, humorous and kind. She truly is her own wolf. This wolf girl needs your support!

One Ear – Canadian Timber Wolf

Male | 5 Years Old

One ear, the Alpha male of pack one. the leader and the strength of the pack. One ear is a carefree, but wary spirit. A true vision of a wolf! He carries majestic beauty. Support him and his pack members.

Raven – Canadian Timber Wolf

Raven - Canadian Timber  Wolf

Alpha Female and leader of pack 1, along side One Ear, the male alpha of the pack. They run a truly family oriented and good close pack. The love, guardianship and pack orientation is a magical thing to observe and study – all the small changes but with the right leaders guiding them. Raven is mother and sister to her pack mates and a truly beautiful wolf lady. Support her.

Alaska – Canadian Timber Wolf

Alaska - Canadian Timber Wolf

Alaska is our youngest member of pack 1. This juvenile female is a free spirited wolf! She is a go getter and loves her pack mates. She fits in well with the entire pack, but she is still a puppy at heart. Support her.

Apache – Canadian Timber Wolf

Male | 4 Years Old

Apache is one of the younger, yet strong males of pack 1. His pack mates has taught him respect the hard way. Now he is working along side them. He is a strapping, beautiful lad.

DJ – Canadian Timber Wolf

Male | 3 Years Old

Dj (Dexter Junior), Named after the very strong beloved late Dexter. Dj
carries the strength of his father, the alpha male and is moulding into a strapping young omega one day. DJ and his pack needs your support.

Fox – Canadian Timber Wolf


One of the strongest females in the pack – so strong that she can sometimes get away with even dominating the alpha female. Fox got her name for her small physique as she is one of the smallest wolves in pack 1.

Lakota – Canadian Timber Wolf


Sister to Tabarka, this female wolf resembles her sister with many of her features. She is a beautiful wolf and a good member of the pack. She
always fits into any situation. This beauty loves her pack and needs
you support.

Leto – Canadian Timber Wolf


Leto is the girlfriend to Zeev, and such a lady she is! Leto is named after the goddess of wolves. Her gentle nature and loving spirit is a beauty within the pack. Support her and her pack members.

Rama – Canadian Timber Wolf

Male | 5 Years Old

Rama – named after one of the wolves in the jungle book story. We absolutely love the name! Rama is a brother to the pack, working respectfully and peacefully with his entire family. He has a
beautiful spirit and is a good role player to pack 1. Support Rama.

Stark – Canadian Timber Wolf

Male | 7 Years Old

Stark is the oldest member of pack 1. His age and his strong character defines him. For some time, he claimed the role of alpha, and passed his role on when he needed to. Stark knows exactly how pack order works and because of this, he is a very respected member of pack 1. He needs your support.

Tabarka – Canadian Timber Wolf


Another incredibly strong female. She is the informant for pack 1. She works along side the alpha male, her brother, One Ear and is always on alert. She guards her pack beautifully! Support this lady.

Willow – Canadian Timber Wolf


Willow is a main member of pack one, the wild pack. Willow is an adult female who is a strong feature in our pack. She works closely along side the alpha female. Support her.

Zeev – Canadian Timber Wolf

Male | 6 Years Old

Zeev is the most beautiful wolf soul in the world! He claims the omega role of pack one. Zeev works closely along side the alpha male and female of pack 1. He is a team player with a light hearted spirit. He is a friend to man and a huge strength to his pack. He is shown so much respect and love from his pack. Support him.

Cyber – Wolf Split: Canadian Timber Wolf X Arctic Wolf

Male | 3 Years Old

Cyber – the Alpha male of pack 2. This handsome wolf carries such strength in his pack, but is very shy with outsiders. Cyber is such a beauty! We can watch him for hours. He loves his pack family so much and is a real leader and caretaker. Support Cyber.

Dot – Canadian Timber Wolf


Dot – The Alpha female of pack 2. This warrior princess carries a very strong and powerful aura. She is highly respected and has the most amazing nature. Dot loves dancing and she is a perfect picture of dancing with wolves. Support Dot and her pack.

Hatikwa – Wolf Hybrid: Wolf X Dog


This beauty is a lot of beast. This girl is a Hybird, which means she is part wolf, part dog. She is our Omega of pack one and because she has claimed this roll, it gives her the upper hand amongst her pack mates. This girl loves her meat – so the motto stands: meat, meat, a wolf must eat! Hatikwa loves to sit back and watch her pack from the sidelines. Always ensuring they are guarded and safe. Support this beautiful girl.